About Flatlands!

The Flatlands Volleyball club is a volleyball training and competition organization that provides the multiple activity volleyball athlete with an opportunity to develop skill and knowledge of the sport of volleyball. The club was founded by retired Wynford Head coach Tim Baumberger and played its first season in 2013. The club is currently based out of Bucyrus, Ohio Tim (Baumby) Baumberger is the CEO and director of the club. Former Wynford All league setter and Tiffin University graduate in sports administration Donielle Crall serves as assistant director and coaches one of our club teams. We have a great team foundation and hope that you all feel welcome by administrators, parents, and players alike.


We strive to develop a highly qualified and trained coaching staff who will teach the game with a passion that all will appreciate. We will work together to train all athletes. It is our goal to have multiple coaches work with each athlete. The Flatlands staff will work as a team to train all athletes regardless of team assignment. At The Flatlands you are a part of a family. 


It is the philosophy of the FVBC that an athlete should be able to enjoy many activities and still excel in the sport that we have a special passion for. It is a core value of the FVBC that an athlete’s school and church commitments will be observed first. We know that we can not avoid all conflicts for all athletes but it is our commitment to you that we will work with you to assure you may be a complete person with many interests and talents.


It is a core value of the Flatlands Volleyball Club to develop a family training atmosphere. The FVBC family will be supportive of each other. We will develop our skills in a competitive atmosphere where we challenge each other to perform at the highest level while maintaining a supportive environment for all players and their FAMILIES.


The Flatlands Volleyball club. We will train with passion. We will support with passion. We will compete with passion. We will play with passion. We will do everything with passion or we will not do it at all! Enjoy the experience.



Our Mission

      Through our teaching and training, the mission of the Flatlands Volleyball club is to train and develop the ENTIRE volleyball athlete; the mind, the soul, and the skill. Mind: We will develop the intellect of a smart player through teaching a knowledge of the sport. Soul: We will develop in each athlete a passion for the sport of volleyball and the characteristics of a great teammate on and off the court. Skill: Through practice repetition and competition we will develop the individual skill and technique of a volleyball player. The mission of FVBC is to do everything with passion or not at all!